Welcome to Niagara Falls Vineyard Christian Fellowship. We are a part of the Association of Vineyard Churches. We are glad that you took time to check out our website.

Our Vision

  • Know
  • Grow
  • Show

The vision of Niagara Falls Vineyard is expressed in the phrase “Know, Grow, Show”. This means that Niagara Falls Vineyard will bring this community to Know the love of God. We will Grow through a relationship with Jesus Christ and each other. We will Show our love, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Four Rs

  • Real– We don’t pretend to be someone else with God or with each other.
  • Relevant– We are relevant to the times with our message and worship.
  • Responsive– We are striving to hear what God is saying in each service.
  • Relational– We are growing in a relationship with God and each other.